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IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter 1500 Electronic Typewriter (Reconditioned)

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For availability and lead times, please call Jim Riegert at (404) 377-1884.


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About The IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter 1500

If you work in a busy office setting, you need a typewriter that can keep up with all of your needs. The Lexmark IBM Wheelwriter 1500 typewriter does just that with its advanced features that automate and simplify all the typing applications. With the Wheelwriter 1500, you can store your most used forms, letter formats, and phrases so your work gets processed quickly.

The IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter series has been a solid powerhouse machine providing the best in features and reliability for decades of service.  

All of our reconditioned typewriters at go through an extensive 21-step reconditioning process by our service technicians before they are shipped to our customers and have a 3-month warranty. With over 50 years of being in the typewriter business, you can feel confident that you are getting the very best reconditioned products, customer service and tech support available.

IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter 1500 Features:

  • Automatic carrier return and automatic page eject
  • Column layout
  • Continuous underscore, bold print
  • Correction buffer: 6,000 characters
  • Expand line space / expand print
  • Express cursor and Relocate keys
  • Format recall
  • Indent right/left, Justification and right flush, right flush, decimal tab, and automatic centering
  • Stop codes
  • Line find
  • PowerWise Energy Conservation System
  • Pre-defined forms
  • Reprint
  • Selectric touch keyboard
  • Spell check
  • Subscript and superscript
  • Variable right margin zone
  • Word tab / Erase / Underscore
  • Pitch 10, 12, or 15 characters per inch and proportional spacing
  • Paper Capacity 16.5" (420mm)
  • Writing Line 13.2" (335mm) visible print line
  • Keyboard 96-character, adjustable
  • Alternate languages
  • Print Speed 20 characters per second (CPS) bi-directional

IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter 1500 Functions:

  • General typing tasks such as forms, envelopes, labels and memos.
  • The forms completion function speeds the completion of preprinted forms, allows you to automatically move to preprogrammed locations on 43 popular forms, such as overnight airbills, purchase orders and invoices. You can also customize up to 56 additional forms, such as including non-variable form information (like your company's name and address) in storage to save time on each subsequent form.
  • The Envelope and label layout functions automatically move to the right location for typing addresses on up to nine different sized envelopes or label sheets. Combining this feature with addresses from phrase storage prints envelopes with as few as four keystrokes.
  • 10K characters of phrase storage are provided for your commonly used names, addresses and phrases.
  • Envelopes and labels can be typed quickly and professionally with time-saving envelope and label features.
  • Spell check supplies a 50,000-word dictionary for identifying spelling errors.
  • Reprint justification creates a justified right margin during reprint, so you can give any document a distinctive "printed look."
  • Automatic correction allows you to lift off or erase any character or word on a page.
  • Draw allows you to create vertical lines and boxes for organizational charts, text tables and other layouts.
  • Word erase permits you to erase entire words at a time.
  • Word tab lets you automatically jump left or right from word to word.

IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter 1500 Specifications:

  • Power Supply Auto Sensing 100-240 VAC; 50-60 Hz; 0.8-0.4A, Battery backup
  • Line Cord 2-wire
  • Dimensions 6.5" H x 21.3" W x 18" D (165mm x 542mm x 458mm)
  • Weight 25 lbs. (11.4kg)
  • Warranty: 3-Months (Same as the original factory warranty)

What's in the box:

  • IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter 1500 fully reconditioned by our factory certified techs
  • User’s Guide
  • Standard AA batteries
  • Correctable Ribbon Cassette
  • Correctable Lift-Off Tape Cassette
  • IBM Printwheel II

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