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At, we're not just selling typewriters; we're delivering a legacy of precision engineering and timeless value. Our meticulous 21-Step Reconditioning Process is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. With over half a century of expertise, our service technicians, seasoned in the intricacies of typewriter craftsmanship, ensure that each reconditioned unit you receive is unmatched in quality.

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We understand the nuances of the IBM models and a spectrum of classic typewriters, enabling us to provide you with a machine that doesn’t just work but works wonders for you. When you choose, you're not just purchasing a typewriter; you're securing a reliable partner for every word you type.

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We welcome you to call us at (404) 377-1884, contact us through our live chat, or email us at and a member of our team will be happy to assist you with selecting the right typewriter for your needs.

Dive into the Details: Our Comprehensive 21-Step Reconditioning Process

  1. Thorough Cleaning: Each machine is disassembled, and every component is meticulously cleaned.
  2. Rigorous Inspection: We examine each part for wear and tear, ensuring only the best quality.
  3. Precision Reconditioning: Print hammer solenoids are renewed, and we install fresh caps for flawless performance.
  4. Rubber Rejuvenation: All rubber parts are treated to extend their life and performance.
  5. Platen Resurfacing: We ensure the platen is impeccable for clear, consistent printing.
  6. Gear Renewal: New steel gears are installed in Series I transport motors for superior durability.
  7. Connectivity Check: Keyboard and circuit board connectors are tested for secure connections.
  8. Battery Box Inspection: Any sign of corrosion leads to a replacement to guarantee reliability.
  9. Platen Latch Examination: We ensure platen latches are secure for steady paper feeding.
  10. Factory-Spec Lubrication: Machines are reassembled with precision lubrication to meet original factory specifications.
  11. Ground Strap Verification: We check all grounding for electrical safety and functionality.
  12. Adjustment Assurance: All factory settings are verified for optimal performance.
  13. Printwheel Perfection: Each character is tested multiple times to ensure flawless printing.
  14. Mechanical Integrity: The machine undergoes a thorough check for gear and tabulation accuracy.
  15. Paper Insert Testing: SAPI functionality is confirmed with covers in place.
  16. Keyboard Adjustments: We ensure the perfect angle and responsive keystrokes.
  17. Ribbon and Tape Installation: New ribbons and correction tapes are fitted for immediate use.
  18. Carbon Copy Calibration: Print hammers are adjusted to handle multiple copies while retaining correctability.
  19. Key Button Testing: Each key is tested for smooth operation without repeats.
  20. Ribbon Mechanics: Lift height and feed are fine-tuned for perfect ribbon performance.
  21. Secure Packaging: Custom boxes and foam caps protect your typewriter during shipping.

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