Reviving the Classic: Why Typewriters Remain Relevant

Reviving the Classic: Why Typewriters Remain Relevant

Posted by Jason Marsdale on Jan 20, 2020


The Timeless Charm of Typewriters in a Digital World

After the emergence of computers, typewriters might seem like a thing of the past. These days, you’re more likely to find a typewriter in a museum than in someone’s home.

But there are plenty of writers and die-hard typewriter fans who think that a museum is the last place their beloved writing tools should be.

It isn’t just an obsession for Tom Hanks—people all across the world collect typewriters. Whether you want to write your next novel the old-fashioned way or you love the look of it on your desk, there’s no shortage of reasons why you should buy a typewriter.

Have you ever thought about getting a typewriter of your own? Here are 7 reasons why you should give them a try.

1. They Don't Need WiFi, (Some Don't Even Need Electricity)

In some parts of the world, it can be tough to access the Internet or word processing programs like Microsoft Word.

When tech is on the fritz, typewriters can be a real lifesaver. A typewriter is one of the hardest writing tools out there. Whether it's a lack of Internet access or a power outage, your typewriter can keep you going through it all.

2. They Keep You On Track

It’s easy to lose track of your thoughts when you’re typing away on a computer. But since manual typewriters don’t have a backspace, they force you to think more carefully about your next words.

You’ll be more deliberate with your word choice, take your time on your work, and avoid careless spelling errors.

In just a few days of using a typewriter, you might start to see the quality of your work improve.

3. They're Affordable

Sure, technology comes with its fair share of tricks, but it also comes with a high price tag. Not only do computers cost more upfront, but more expensive computers can even be designed to break down after a few years.

While they’re more complex, this means that they come with a lot of moving parts. When you look at the costs of repair, upgrades, and power cords, the simplicity of a typewriter doesn’t seem so bad.

Typewriters aren’t trying to convince you to upgrade to the newest addition or buy costly repairs for the poor-quality parts. They’re built to be affordable and they’re built to last—all you need is ink and paper.

4. They Keep Your Work Safe

Laptops might be handy, but they can be risky too. All it takes is one cup of coffee spilled over your computer and you could lose all your progress.

They’re risky in other ways too: 47% of adults have had their personal computers hacked.

Don’t risk losing your important documents to a slip-up—or a malicious attack from a hacker. A typewriter is a great way to keep your files safe and protect your personal information without having to write it out by hand.

You can sleep a lot easier at night knowing that your valuable documents are stored safely on your typewriter.

5. They're Valuable

Typewriters might be old, but they have a vintage appeal. Over time, the value of your typewriter will rise.

Some typewriters can go up for auction for $1,000 or even more. Many manual typewriters can be sold for thousands of dollars. It’s quickly turning into a lucrative industry—which means buying a typewriter can be a great investment.

When you want to switch to a different model, there’s a strong chance you can sell it for more than you initially paid for it. All in all, it can make a great investment.

6. They Spark Creativity

Whether you’re typing up your next novel or working on a report, imagination can play a big role in good writing.

But the ease of computers can be a double-edged sword. You’re exposed to a lot of different distractions.

You might procrastinate with social media, switch from tab to tab, or multitask with other programs. Computers can also expose you to new ideas that might lead to you comparing your work to theirs—which kills creativity.

Plus, while it might be nice to copy, paste, and edit later on, it hinders you from letting your thoughts flow. With typewriters, you can’t second guess yourself and delete a word or sentence you don’t like. This can help create a stream-of-consciousness flow and stimulate creativity.

7. They're Aesthetically Pleasing

While some see the typewriter as outdated, you might be surprised at how much you like using one.

There’s something uniquely satisfying with the way the keys sound with every tap of your fingers. When you use a typewriter, you’re following the keystrokes of famous writers like Ernest Hemingway or Maya Angelou.

It’s hard to not feel productive and creative while hammering away at a typewriter. The nostalgic and satisfying feeling will bring a whole new perspective to your work.

Even if you don’t want to work on your typewriter, it brings a vintage feel to any shelf, desk, or countertop.

Why You Should Buy a Typewriter

Despite the new wave of technology, typewriters haven’t lost their charm.

Whether you’re a writer or just looking for a glimpse of old-fashioned nostalgia, there are endless reasons why you should buy a typewriter. These tools haven't lost their usefulness over time—and they can even free you from the distractions of the modern age.

Is a manual typewriter right for you? If you care about your work, want to protect it, and are looking for a new way to enjoy your writing, then it might be time to consider getting one for yourself. Contact us to learn more about which typewriter is perfect for you.