Remington Rem-Blick Antique Typewriter

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Remington Rem-Blick Antique Typewriter
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Remington Rem-Blick Antique Typewriter

*Sold in as is condition*

Discover the charm of yesteryears with the Remington Rem-Blick Antique Typewriter, a must-have for any typewriter aficionado. This rare, early 20th-century gem is more than just a typewriter; it's a piece of history. Its unique single element type cylinder printer sets it apart, making it a standout addition to any collection.

The Rem-Blick boasts a classic black body, elegantly highlighted by intricate gold details and the iconic Remington logo. This particular model, sold as-is, is in commendable condition for its age, though it might need some restoration to return to its prime. The typewriter also features a "visible writing" design, a novelty at the time, allowing you to witness the creation of your words in real-time.

Included with this piece of history is its original case, a find as rare as the typewriter itself. While the Rem-Blick may not be fully functional for everyday use, it stands as a splendid display piece, perfect for sparking conversations in a home or office setting.

Key Features

  • Rare early 20th-century design
  • Unique single element type cylinder printer
  • Sleek black body with gold accents and Remington logo
  • "Visible writing" feature
  • Original case included
  • Ideal for collectors and display purposes