Rarotype Compatible Nakajima/Swintec Spanish 4 Pack Printwheel Bundle

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Rarotype Compatible Nakajima/Swintec Spanish 4 Pack Printwheel Bundle includes the following: Courier 10, Primus 10, Berlin Italic 1012, and Thesis PS.
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Nakajima/Swintec Spanish 4 Pack Printwheel Bundle

Enhance your typewriting experience with the Rarotype Compatible Nakajima/Swintec Spanish 4 Pack Printwheel Bundle, exclusively available at This comprehensive set offers superior replacements for your existing typewriter parts, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of Nakajima and Swintec models. Perfect for those who require a variety of typefaces for different document needs, this bundle is designed to meet professional standards.

Key Features:

  • This printwheel is compatible with the following typewriters:
    Nakajima AE-710, AE-740, AE-800, AE-830
    Swintec 2600, 2640, 7000, 7040
  • Diverse Type Styles: Includes four distinct Spanish printwheels: Elite 12, Bloc Pica 10, Berlin Italic 10/12, and Letter Gothic 10/12, catering to various formatting and design needs.
  • High-Quality Manufacturing: Crafted by Rarotype, a leader in typewriter accessories, these printwheels offer durability and consistent performance.
  • Ease of Use: Each printwheel is easy to install, allowing for quick changes and minimal downtime.

This bundle is ideal for businesses, educational institutions, and individuals who regularly engage in typing documents in Spanish and require multiple typeface options. Enhance the functionality of your typewriter with these precision-crafted tools, ensuring every document is professionally presented.