GRC Compatible Sharp ZX400, ZX500 Ink Ribbon (Black) (T308)

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GRC Compatible Sharp ZX400, ZX500 Ink Ribbon (Black) (T308)
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About GRC T308 Black Ink Ribbon:

This offer is for one (1) superior black correctable replacement film typewriter cartridge for Nukote® B200, Porelon® B200, Sharp PA3300.

Compatibility Chart:

These correctable replacement film typewriter cartridges are compatible with a variety of POS, calculator and typewriter products:

  • Daro Erika: 6210, 6212, 6220
  • Esselte Scribona: 40
  • Exxon: 200, 210
  • Facit: T420, T425, T460, T465
  • Konica Minolta: EW401, EW501
  • Olympia Orbit: MD
  • Optima: SC 10, SC 11, SC 12, SC 13, SC 14, SC 16, SC 17, SC 120, SC 130, SC 140, SC 160, SC 170, SC 180, SC 190
  • Sharp: PA-3300, PA-3320, PA-3330, Sharpwriter, XQ-315, XQ-320, XQ-325, XQ-340, XQ-345, XQ-345A, XQ-355, XQ-360, XQ-370, XQ-370A, XQ-380, XQ-380A, XQ-Series, ZX-200, ZX-300, ZX-320, ZX-325, ZX-330, ZX-331, ZX-340, ZX-350, ZX-360, ZX-370, ZX-400, ZX-400CL, ZX-403, ZX-405, ZX-405A, ZX-410, ZX-415, ZX-416, ZX-420, ZX-426, ZX-440, ZX-500, ZX-505, ZX-507, ZX-510, ZX-515, ZX-515M, ZX-525, ZX-550, ZX-Series, ZY-1000, ZY-1000S
  • TEC: TW 4000, TW 5000, TW 6000, Triumph Adler SE-6200, SE-6200 DS, SE 6800 DS
  • Utax: T2200, T2500