Monroe P51S Ribbon Cartridges

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For Use With:
Monroe Classic, Monroe Pro, Monroe Ultimate, Monroe 8130, Monroe 8145, Monroe 7130, Monroe 7140, Monroe 7150 (after 2006), Monroe 5130, Monroe 5140
Not For Use in:
Any current "X" series calculator

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Monroe P51S Ribbon Cartridges (Black, Red)
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Monroe P51S Super Saturated Black/Red Printing Calculator Ribbon Cartridges

Avoid the mess of getting ribbon ink on your hands, use Monroe's P51S, a high-quality, easy-to-install calculator ribbon cartridge instead of ribbon spools. Having the highest standards in the calculator industry, Monroe produces the darkest printing black/red ribbon cartridges on the market. Monroe pushed every envelope when designing a ribbon with the highest possible inking degree, and eliminated the risk of ink smudges. Monroe requires their factory to use a true red ink that is extremely rich in color and used specifically by Monroe, unlike the orange tint you see in watered down versions from other brands. Monroe's engineers developed the most convenient calculator ribbon to install. They created the first-ever cartridge containing a calculator ribbon, which provides you with the easiest installation. To maintain the darkest print on their paper tape, users of Monroe products are suggested to change their P51S ribbon cartridges after replacing 3 paper tape rolls. Designed for Monroe calculators and compatible with other brands and models. Those who know, choose Monroe.

For use in the following Monroe printing calculators:
  • Monroe Classic
  • Monroe Pro
  • Monroe Ultimate**
  • Monroe 8130**
  • Monroe 8145**
  • Monroe 7130
  • Monroe 7140
  • Monroe 7150*
  • Monroe 5130
  • Monroe 5140

*Older Monroe 7150 purchased prior to 2006, use Monroe P65M Black/Red Universal Ribbon Spools

**Monroe X Series printing calculator models (Monroe UltimateX, Monroe 8130X, and Monroe 8145Xare not compatible with the Monroe P51S ribbon cartridge. Click here to find the ribbon cartridge that corresponds with each Monroe calculator model. The Monroe P51S also replaces the Monroe P51M and GRC E205BR ribbons.


How do I remove and replace the P51S ribbon cartridge for the Monroe Ultimate Printing Calculator?

Still have questions on how to remove and replace the P51S in your Monroe printing calculator?

Contact the Monroe team at (267) 580-2600. We're here to help!