Little Debbie Raisin Crème Pies

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Little Debbie Raisin Crème Pies
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  • Conveniently single-wrapped so taking on-the-go is easier than ever!
  • For a unique twist, these wholesome snacks can be used in recipes, added as a special topping, or warmed up in the oven.
  • A great snack to pack with your lunch or enjoy on the go at any time of the day.
  • Each box contains 8 individually wrapped Raisin Crème Pies.

Did you know Little Debbie Raisin Crème Pies were one of our original snacks? Since the early 1960s, Raisin Crème Pies have been a fan favorite treat. What makes them so delicious, you ask? A layer of our classic crème is found between two soft vanilla-flavored sandwich cookies. Then we sprinkle the top with scrumptious raisins! If you take a bite of this snack, you won’t be able to resist the urge to eat one more! Try them today!

Little Debbie Raisin Crème Pies are two soft vanilla flavored sandwich cookies sprinkled with raisins. 

A layer of crème between two soft vanilla-flavored sandwich cookies sprinkled with raisins.

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