GRC Compatible Ink Ribbon Replacement for Citizen IR-61RB (Black and Red)

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Color, Dimensions (D x W x H),


Black and Red
Dimensions (D x W x H):
6 in x 5 in x 2 in

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These replacement ribbon cartridges are compatible with a variety of POS, calculator and typewriter products:

--ABS SA4000, System R II,

--Casio CE 4050, FE-2000, KP 300,

--Citizen CBM DP-600 Series, CBM-710, CBM-715, CBM-720, CBM-725, CBM-730, CBM-750, DP-600, DP-610, DP-611, DP-612, DP-612 G, DP-614, DP-617, DP-617 G, DP-622, DP-624, DP-627, DP-630, DP-650, iDP-3516, iDP-3520, iDP-3530 F, iDP-3530 P, iDP-3535, iDP-3540 F, iDP-3540 P, iDP-3541 F, iDP-3545, iDP-3546, iDP-3550, iDP-3551, iDP-4530, iDP-4540, VLT - Gaming,

--CRS 2000,

--Data Card Slip, 22 Receipt/Slip, 24 Receipt/Slip,

--Datatrol 780, 3530-SP,

--JCM Gold-3700,

--Konic Electric System SR-5020,

--Micros Autocut 4000, Autocut 4700, 385-1, 4700 Main, 8700,

--Nikko NK-614-1, NK-614-2, NK-614-3, NK-614-4,

--Nippon Primex NP-610,

--Olivetti ECR 007,

--Olympia CM-1920, CM-1930, CM-1935, CM-1936, CM-2030, CM-2035, CM-2130, CM-2135,

--Optima Elite 1200 Series,

--Panasonic Fast Food PO Ssystem, JS-130, JS-660, JS-800, JS-7000, RM-800, WS-800 RM,

--Royal Alpha 1750, Alpha 9170, CMS-750, CMS-9000, CMS-9200,

--Sanyo ECR 358, ECR 548, ECR 340,

--Sharp ER-03 RP, ER-A430,ER-A770,

--Siemens Beetle 20 W/Citizen,

--Swintec SW 2250,

--TEC MA 1300,

--Towa ET 5416, ET 6120, ET 6420, ET 6420 F, DL-4P,

--Triumph Adler CMS-9200,

--Walther ECR 1210, ECR 1220, ECR 1520

This offer is for one (1) black and red superior replacement correctable ribbon cartridge for the Citizen IR-61RB, Data Products R0167, Nukote® BR337.

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