Unhackable: Typewriters & Data Protection

Unhackable: Typewriters & Data Protection

Posted by Brandon Leip on Apr 29, 2024


Protect Your Documents Using A Typewriter

In today’s digital world, where cyber threats are a constant concern, we at take pride in offering a secure alternative for sensitive communications. As specialists in typewriters, we understand the unique advantages that these mechanical devices provide in terms of data security. Unlike digital devices that can be hacked or remotely accessed, our typewriters ensure that every document remains confidential and tamper-proof.

Nakajima WPT-160
Nakajima WPT-160 Electric Typewriter

We also feature the IBM Wheelwriter series, which combines the ease of use found in electric typewriters with enhanced features for data protection. The Wheelwriter series is designed for those who need efficient, reliable typing with an added layer of security that only a non-digital device can offer. Like our other models, these typewriters ensure that each document is hack-proof, providing peace of mind for those handling sensitive or confidential information.

In addition to the IBM Wheelwriters, we offer the Nakajima WPT-150 and WPT-160 models, both renowned for their precision and durability. While these are electric typewriters, they are in no way connected to the internet like a computer. These typewriters are designed for heavy-duty use, with features that make them ideal for environments where information security is critical. The physical nature of typing on these machines means that once information is typed, it remains solely in the physical realm—there are no digital copies to worry about, no clouds where data can be stored or stolen.

One of our standout models, the Royal Classic Manual Typewriter, brings that classic typewriter feel. This typewriter is better suited for personal letters or notes that do not have a deadline, but need the utmost security. The Royal Classic exemplifies the security benefits of using a typewriter. This device offers a purely mechanical operation, free from digital vulnerabilities. Its robust metal construction and pre-installed ribbon mean that every keystroke is permanent, leaving a physical imprint that cannot be altered electronically. The simplicity and reliability of the Royal Classic makes it a perfect choice for drafting confidential documents, with the added benefit that it cannot be intercepted by digital means.

Royal Classic Mint
Royal Classic Manual Typewriter

While the security benefits of typewriters are clear, it’s important to remember that the physical documents they produce require careful management to ensure they are kept safe from physical threats such as theft or damage. We recommend secure storage solutions and a controlled access environment to maintain the integrity of your documents.

At, we are committed to blending traditional typing art with modern-day security needs. Our typewriters not only evoke a sense of nostalgia but are a necessary tool in today’s world for anyone serious about protecting their data. Whether used for creating art, composing literature, or securing important documents, our typewriters provide a reliable and unhackable means of communication. As we continue to navigate through a landscape filled with digital threats, our typewriters stand as a testament to the enduring value of mechanical security.