Rediscovering Analog Charm with the Royal Classic Manual Typewriter

Rediscovering Analog Charm with the Royal Classic Manual Typewriter

Posted by Jonathon Gregull on Feb 25, 2021


Royal Classic: A Vibrant Nostalgia in Every Keystroke

For over a century, Royal has firmly established its reputation in the typewriter landscape. The latest testament to this legacy is the "Royal Classic" – a perfect blend of vintage aesthetic and modern function. Lightweight and beautifully crafted, the Royal Classic is not just another typewriter; it's a journey back in time.

Here are the top 5 reasons to invest in a Royal Classic:

1. Portability Meets Retro Design

While many typewriters lay claim to portability, the Royal Classic takes it up a notch with its sturdy metal housing. Whether you're penning down thoughts at a beach or compiling notes on a mountain retreat, the Royal Classic, with its box-carrying handle, ensures you're never far from inspiration.

2. Crafted for the Creative Mind

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Royal Classic's full-sized keyboard boasts 44 keys, offering a total of 88 symbols. This opens up a realm of possibilities, from writing heartfelt letters to churning out your next novel. A black/red ribbon color selector, space bar repeater key, and impression control lever add to its functional richness.

3. Unparalleled Typing Experience

Each keystroke on the Royal Classic evokes memories of a bygone era. The typewriter supports an 11" maximum typing width and incorporates features like variable line spacing, tab setting, and margin stops, ensuring every writing task feels intuitive and seamless.

4. Celebrating Aesthetics in Every Color

While a computer screen might never rival the charisma of a typewriter, the Royal Classic surely does its part to challenge this. Available in a variety of colors including black, red, purple, and mint, it's a testament to the belief that every great story deserves an equally captivating instrument.

5. Reliability and Longevity, the Royal Way

Every Royal Classic comes with a pre-installed ribbon and features a durable metal construction that promises to stand the test of time. For the skeptics, the weight and dimensions stand testament: 19.6 lbs and 17.6 x 15.9 x 7.1 inches, respectively.

Your Royal Classic Awaits at!

Embarking on a journey with the Royal Classic means embracing a rich history of craftsmanship while paving the way for future analog-inspired stories. At, we're honored to be part of this story. Our diverse range ensures you find the Royal Classic that speaks to you.

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