​Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Royal Epoch Manual Typewriter

​Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Royal Epoch Manual Typewriter

Posted by Jonathon Gregull on Feb 25th 2021

For over 115 years, Royal has been one of the leading names in the typewriter industry. The Royal Epoch is their latest product that continues their tradition of quality and experience. It is a portable manual typewriter that is a breath of fresh air in the modern digital age. Regardless of what kind of typewriter aficionado you are, the Royal Epoch is perfect for your next writing project.    

Here are the top 5 reasons to purchase a Royal Epoch:

1) Portable and Convenient Size for Work and Travel

Whether you prefer to type at home, on the road, or at your favorite vacation spot, the Royal Epoch makes the ideal companion for typewriter enthusiasts. This manual typewriter comes with a double-walled, hard-shell carrying case with a handle. This portability helps fight against writer’s block, allowing you to take the Royal Epoch wherever you feel most inspired. Maybe it’s a hot sandy beach, a tall cool mountain, a hotel with a view, your desk, or the sofa. The Royal Epoch is up for whatever journey you want to go on!

2) Easily Layout Many Types of Documents

Unlike computer printers, the Royal Epoch manual typewriter allows for many options with what can be typed on. Easily layout addresses on envelopes, mail postcards, fill in labels, stamp out carbon-copied forms, and so much more. The 11.6” writing line on the Royal Epoch expands the versatility and typing possibilities. With all that room for larger documents, just imagine what you can use your Royal Epoch for!

3) An Impressive Keyboard

The Royal Epoch manual typewriter features a beautifully constructed keyboard with 44 keys offering a total of 88 symbols that can be utilized for your writings. A ribbon selector switch allows for easy shifting between red and black ribbons with a third option for typing in black outline. The keyboard also features an impression control lever to help differentiate your soft love notes from your strongly-worded documents or hate mail. Regardless of what you will use it for, its comfortable keys and familiar QWERTY layout will have you typing away anytime and anywhere you go.

4) Mental Relief and Relaxation

With the ever-rising amount of technology surrounding us and social media burnout creeping in, there also comes the increasing need for an escape. According to a study conducted by Ohio State University, they found that increased social media use is associated with higher scores of depression. Now more than ever, we all need to provide ourselves an escape from the constant stresses and distractions of it all. You can free your mind and enjoy some well-deserved R&R with a Royal Epoch typewriter today! With no need for the Royal Epoch typewriter to charge, plugin, or be tethered to Wi-Fi, you can truly disconnect from distractions and online fatigue. Just think about how much you can accomplish by reducing the number of distractions in your environment when using a Royal Epoch typewriter.

5) Creativity and Inspiration

Famous writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Ian Fleming, Ray Bradbury and many more used Royal typewriters to share their visions with the world. Why not you? Many writers believe that using a typewriter creates a sense of your own writing taking on its own life. Whether you’re drafting the next great American novel or just typing a few notes to your loved one, the Royal Epoch will help you tap into that well of creativity and get your creative juices flowing onto paper. The soothing keystrokes will stimulate you to type faster, while the bell at the end of each line will push you to keep going. Tag teaming with its portability, you will find inspiration wherever you go!

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Royal Epoch?

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