Are Typewriters Still Made Today? The Enduring Legacy of Nakajima and Royal

Are Typewriters Still Made Today? The Enduring Legacy of Nakajima and Royal

Posted by Brandon Leip on Oct 13, 2023


Modern Typewriters: The Resilience of Nakajima and Royal in Today's Digital World

In the era of smart gadgets and advanced tech, many often wonder: Are typewriters still made today? (Well, you're on a website that sells new typewriters...) But! The answer, to the delight of many enthusiasts and purists, is a resounding "Yes!" While the prominence of typewriters has decreased since the advent of computers, there remains a dedicated audience and manufacturers who uphold the tradition and appeal of these machines.

The Modern Typewriter Manufacturers: Nakajima and Royal

Two names stand out in the contemporary typewriter manufacturing world: Nakajima and Royal. These companies have weathered the tides of time and technological advancements to continue producing typewriters that blend the charm of yesteryears with the conveniences of today.

Nakajima Logo

Nakajima: Precision and Elegance

Nakajima is not just a name; it's an emblem of precision, reliability, and dedication in the typewriter industry. Its legacy spans over 50 years, silently crafting machines that have powered many of the best-known typewriter brands.

  • Nakajima WPT-150: The WPT-150, an epitome of Nakajima's commitment, melds classic allure with innovative utility:
      • Engage in swift typing with its 12 CPS speed and a 100-character drop-in printwheel.
      • Its 2-key roll-over system and 20-stroke key buffer promise zero lag.
      • Crafted to handle tasks, whether they require normal text, bolding, or underlining.
      • Relocation features auto-adjust, ensuring the right positioning every time.
      • For those seeking variety, a Spanish keyboard variant is available.
  • Nakajima WPT-160: A technological marvel, the WPT-160 carries forward the Nakajima legacy, introducing features for the modern era:
    • LCD Display: A crystal-clear 20-character, 1-line display aids typists, providing vital information, including CODE/MODE functions and character count.
    • Enhanced Memory: Store up to 16,000 characters, across 50 files, ensuring every word, phrase, or format is saved for future reference.
      • Dive deep into text manipulation with options like block copy, overlay, search, and more.
      • An integrated 80,000-word spell check ensures impeccable writing quality.
    • Functionality Galore: Whether it's auto-centering, auto-relocation, just-right margin justification, or the 16-position programmable tabulation, every feature is tailored for user convenience.
    • Built to Last: Beyond its electronic prowess, the WPT-160 offers an ergonomic design with a built-in carrying handle, promising portability without compromising durability.

Both these machines come equipped with a Prestige Pica 10 printwheel, pre-installed ribbon, and correction tape, ensuring users can start their typing journey right out of the box. Nakajima's dedication to the craft of typewriting is evident in both the WPT-150 and WPT-160 models. Their continuous innovation ensures typists – whether novices or seasoned professionals – experience a harmonious blend of tradition and technology.

Royal Logo

Royal: A Legacy Reimagined

Royal, a brand with roots stretching deep into the early 20th century, has managed to weave its way into the modern era while retaining the essence that made it iconic. This successful transition isn't merely due to adapting but by reimagining and crafting typewriters that strike a chord with contemporary users, all the while singing praises of its storied past.

  • Royal Classic Manual Typewriter: As the name suggests, the Royal Classic combines timeless aesthetics with contemporary functionality. The Royal Classic isn't just a typewriter; it's a journey back in time, enveloped in the luxuries of the present:
    • Timeless Craftsmanship: Housing designed with sturdy metal is a nod to the typewriters of yore, promising durability and capturing the allure of a bygone era.
    • Writing Galore: Whether you're penning a novel, jotting down lyrics, or reviving the art of handwritten letters, the Royal Classic ensures every word resonates with passion.
    • Key Features:
      • A full-size keyboard with 44 keys, representing 88 symbols, offers a comprehensive typing experience.
      • A vibrant black and red ribbon selector brings each word to life, with a space bar repeater key and an impression control lever to tailor each impression.
      • Functionalities such as line spacing, tab setting, and margin stops give writers control over the aesthetics of their documents.
      • An expansive 11-inch carriage accommodates various paper sizes, with a maximum typing and paper width of 11 and 12 inches respectively.
      • For those who appreciate details, the Pica 87-point system ensures every letter and symbol is perfectly placed.
    • Colors & Style: The Royal Classic doesn't just stop at functionality. It's available in a spectrum of colors, from the subtle elegance of black to the vibrancy of red, purple, and mint. This typewriter is as much a statement piece as it is a functional tool.
    • Specifications: Its dimensions (17.6 x 15.9 x 7.1 inches) and weight (19.6 lbs) reflect its solid construction without compromising on portability, thanks to the carrying handle it comes with.

For anyone who believes that a computer can't match the allure of a vibrant typewriter, the Royal Classic beckons. It doesn't just offer a typing experience but transports users to a time when each keystroke was a symphony, and every word, was a labor of love.

Why The Continued Production?

The ongoing production of typewriters isn't merely a nod to nostalgia. Many users find the tactile feedback of typewriters to be unparalleled. They champion the focus and intentionality these machines demand, making every word typed feel more deliberate and meaningful. By embracing the past while forging ahead, Royal and Nakajima remain a testament to timeless elegance and innovation in the world of typewriting.

Moreover, in an age where screen fatigue is a genuine concern, typewriters offer a refreshing break. They transport writers to a space free from digital distractions, notifications, and constant multitasking, emphasizing the purity of the writing process.

Typewriters, though not as ubiquitous as they once were, are very much alive and kicking. Thanks to manufacturers like Nakajima and Royal, these machines continue to find relevance in today's world. Whether you're a budding writer, a seasoned novelist, or someone looking to reconnect with the tactile joy of typing, new models like the Nakajima WPT-150, WPT-160, and the Royal Classic await at

So, the next time someone wonders if typewriters are still being made today, you know the answer and where to direct them!