Top 5 Reasons to Buy a IBM Wheelwriter Typewriter

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a IBM Wheelwriter Typewriter

Posted by Joe Amoriello on Oct 13th 2020

In 1984, IBM revolutionized the typewriter industry with the announcement of the IBM Wheelwriter. An upgrade over the ever-popular IBM Selectric, the IBM Wheelwriter combines powerful functionality with desirable features to solve many of the challenges previous typewriter models presented. Equipped with ahead-of-its-time features such as reprint and spell-check, the IBM Wheelwriter is still used in many homes and offices today.

So what makes the IBM Wheelwriter such a desirable typewriter? Here are the top 5 reasons to buy a IBM Wheelwriter:

1) IBM Wheelwriters are Electronic

If you’re looking for the best electronic typewriter ever produced, look no further. Electronic typewriters introduced the concept of digital to the typewriter world. These machines require less work to operate, are easier to type on, and some even have LCD screens to display your work. To use your IBM Wheelwriter, simply plug it in to any regular 120V wall outlet and let the electricity do the work. Electronic typewriters require less pressure on keystrokes, enabling users to type faster, and combine a heavy-duty print hammer mechanism and heavy-duty printwheel to give the strongest impression available – allowing users to produce up to 5 carbon copies at once! Multiple font styles and heights give users the ability to customize their text. The IBM Wheelwriter is a choice perfect for modern-day computer users, as it gives you the closest feel and experience to a computer, while still maintaining the classic joy, and distraction-free typing of a typewriter.

2) Advanced Features & Functionality

The advent of the electronic typewriter brought a number of new features and functionalities to the typewriter industry, expanding user capabilities and providing for an easier, more fulfilling typing experience. Features such as spell-check and text editing made it easy for users to correct mistakes without having to re-do their work, while features such as reprint and digital memory allow users to save and reproduce their work at a moment’s need. Additional features common across many Wheelwriters include multi-language capabilities, document search, full-page automatic correction, pitch: 10, 12 or 15 characters per inch and proportional spacing, express cursor keys, and many more.

3) Comfortable & Fast Key Touch

Have you ever used a typewriter that seems to print on delay? Maybe you just typed the words “IBM Wheelwriter typewriter” but your printer is still a few characters behind, even seconds after you’ve hit the last key. For many users, this delay is distracting and leads to frustration and mistakes, often causing users to lose their place, or worse, their train of thought, and thus, the sentence they were going to produce. The IBM Wheelwriter’s keyboard solves this with an unmatched response time from click to print. It’s equipped with electronic buckling-spring key switch technology, which is often considered a precursor to modern keyboard technology used for today’s computers. This distinct method of striking leads to quicker key depression, a more comfortable keytouch, and the added benefit of being less susceptible to dirt and wear, leading to a longer-lifespan. The key touch and its vintage aesthetics have helped make the Wheelwriter a perennial favorite amongst typing purists and keyboard enthusiasts.

4) Electric Paper Advance Feed

The IBM Wheelwriter was designed to have the best paper feed in the business – bar none. Where other typewriters will get jammed or slowed when printing on thicker surfaces, such as an envelope or index card, the IBM Wheelwriter will plow through any job you give it. This feature makes it perfect for printing businesses such as card stock and event planning companies who need to print on thicker materials.

5) Durability 

As with many typewriters, IBM Wheelwriters are renowned for their durability and longevity, often lasting well beyond their expected lifespans. Wheelwriters, in particular, are equipped with circuit boards, which host a number of semiconductor chips, eliminating much of the machinery that drives manual and electric typewriters. With fewer moving parts to damage, Wheelwriters are generally considered more reliable than their electric counterparts (NY Times). Another area where this comes into play is with the electrical components. Since many users never think about turning off their typewriters, the heavy-duty electronic components used in the IBM Wheelwriter are designed to withstand power surges, drops, and other types of damage that would break or significantly damage inferior units. 

As you can see, the IBM Wheelwriter is one of the most desirable typewriters ever created. It’s combination of smooth key touch and relevant features make it a highly attractive option - even in today’s computer-driven world.

Where to Buy an IBM Wheelwriter?

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