Why Your Office Should Still Own a Typewriter

Why Your Office Should Still Own a Typewriter

Posted by Jason Marsdale on May 7th 2019

We live in a modern world.

The twenty-first century calls for the top of the range, latest tech to stay ahead of the curve. It’s out with the old and in with the new…

…Right? Well, maybe not for everything.

Take typewriters.

The first of these revolutionary inventions were created in 1867 by Christopher Sholes, an American inventor. A lot has changed in the 150 years or so since then. Computers have taken over. You’d be hard pressed to find an office that continues to utilize typewriters.

But you should think twice about going the same route. There remain numerous advantages to using typewriters over modern equivalents. Every office would benefit from having them. Want to know how?

Keep reading to (re-)discover the many benefits of typewriters.

8 Advantages of Having an Office Typewriter

Typewriters may be a thing of the past. But it's worth dragging them back into the present. Here are 8 reasons why.

1. Lack of Distraction

Computers and the internet have revolutionized the world.

Offices, in particular, are now somewhat reliant on computer systems to maintain their operations. No matter the field or industry, office-work is now thoroughly computer-based.

They’re powerful, functional, and downright practical for work-related activity. But they’re also full of distraction! For some, the temptation is too much. Office workers around the world intersperse actual work with funny cat videos, online shopping, and scrolling through social media newsfeeds.

There’s none of that with typewriters. With nothing else to do but type, there’s no other option but to do the work at hand. Office productivity increases as a result.

2. Blast from the Past

It’s hard to deny it. Typewriters are cool.

The modern workforce may never have even seen one with their own eyes, let alone used one! In the same way that fashion is often circular, there’s something intrinsically appealing to utilizing older technology.

Such use packs a nostalgic punch. It’s even better when the tech is fully functional and serves an actual purpose. Your workforce may actually enjoy typing on a typewriter as opposed to an ‘ordinary’ modern computer.

And a happy workforce is more likely to be a hardworking one.

3. Save on Power

Computers are a drain on electricity.

That’s a fact.

Indeed, the average office building in the US pays $30,000 a year on its energy bills. That, according to the same source, works out at roughly 29% of its overall operating expenses.

In this way, typewriters can literally save you thousands of dollars each year. After all, the technology is purely mechanical. You provide the power with your fingers alone.

The financial savings may be enough to convince to you switch back to the old-fashioned way of running things!

4. To Slow Down and Improve Focus

The modern world is a faced paced one too.

Everything is expected to be lightning fast. Efficiency is vital to successful operations.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But it does become important to slow down every once in a while. Electrifying pace comes at a cost. Burnout becomes more likely in a stressed-out workforce.

Typewriters force you to take your time. It simply isn’t as possible to type as quickly as on a keyboard. There’s no backspace. Mistakes are time-consuming to fix.

An added bonus is that editing simply becomes part of any writing process. There’s no backtracking like there is in modern computers. With typewriters, you have to commit to what you say. Think about how many times you write and rewrite the same sentence when you send an email. It’s time-consuming!

In a backward way, the greater focus required to write well with a typewriter may improve efficiency and overall quality.

5. For Graphic Design Purposes

This is potentially a niche advantage.

But there’s something particularly aesthetically pleasing about typewritten documents. Designers of any kind can benefit from that.

For example, anyone who has written a document by typewriter could scan it into a computer. They could then use photo-editing software to incorporate it into their designs. Sure, a special front may look similar, but it surely isn’t as authentic.

6. Safe from Hacks

Computer hacks are becoming increasingly common.

For that reason, data security is now a buzzword amongst businesses and organizations. They’re obligated by law to be responsible with their customers’ personal data. Hacks and malware attacks are a constant threat to that.

Typewritten documents simply aren’t exposed to the same risks.

7. They Don’t Break or Require Updating

Aren’t those computer updates frustrating?

You sit down at your desk to get cracking on an important piece of work. But suddenly your computer tells you there’s an essential update to be completed. And you have no choice but to wait until it’s completed.

Similarly, have you ever heard people from previous generations exclaiming that ‘they don’t make them like they used to’?

Well, there’s some truth in it! Modern electrical devices, such as computers, are inclined to break. And at the rate technology is advancing, your current systems will be outdated soon too.

Typewriters offer a handy solution to all of the above problems.

8. Affordability

Typewriters cost a fraction of what modern computers do.

It’s true that classic typewriters can go for hundreds of dollars online. After all, they aren’t being made in factories anymore. At some point, they become collectors’ items. The value skyrockets accordingly.

But in general, you’ll pick up a typewriter for a steal. Similarly, the longevity of a well-cared for typewriter means you don’t need to pay for ongoing maintenance and repairs (as you do with computers).

That’s good financial value all-round.

Time to Get Typewriting

There you have it: 8 reasons your office should still own a typewriter.

Typewriters might seem like an outdated word-processor of the past. But unlike many pieces of outdated technology, you should hesitate before chucking yours out. Offices in particular stand to gain from utilizing this once revolutionary tech.

There’s simply a huge amount of value left in them. Hopefully, the information above has persuaded you of it!

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