Electric Typewriter Repair and Service Taken to the Next Level

Electric Typewriter Repair and Service Taken to the Next Level

Posted by Julie Greenbaum on Mar 8th 2019

“How do offices work without a typewriter?” asks Joni Williamson, Chief Operating Officer at Counsellor Title Company, in Baton Rouge, La. “I've been working here for 38 years, and I've always used a typewriter — all day and every day.”

At Counsellor Title Company, typewriters are crucial to the daily workflow. Over the past four years, the company has continually relied on the typewriter repair services offered by Typewriters.com to maintain its machines and to ensure optimal performance. Williamson notes that the company was originally using IBM Selectric electric typewriters and then switched over to IBM wheelwriter electric typewriters about 20 years ago — three IBM Wheelwriter 6 Series II models and one IBM Wheelwriter 5 — when her boss learned about their memory capacity.

Today, the company still relies on its IBM Wheelwriters to meet its demands.

“We use the Wheelwriters to handle real estate transactions that require us to fill out forms/add names that would otherwise be difficult to type out and work on a computer with. I handle all of the banking and I do that on the typewriter.”

Williamson says, that over time, the Wheelwriters have seen their share of wear and tear from continued use but she could not find a typewriter repair service near her to fix the typewriters.

“It took me forever to find anyone who fixed typewriters,” Williamson recalls. “One typewriter repairman in New Orleans (100 miles away from us) said he could work on the machines, but he didn’t provide mailing services and we didn’t have the time or inclination to drive that far only to leave the machine and wait for a call to retrieve it.”

Williamson searched for an electric typewriter repair service near her that could service Wheelwriters, and after an extensive search, she found us at Typewriters.com.

Williamson was thrilled when she found Jim Riegert and our team. While Williamson didn’t purchase those Wheelwriters directly from Typewriters.com, Jim and our team were more than happy to speak with her and answer her questions.

“Jim was helpful from the first phone call, and said ‘yes, we'll fix it’ and even sent me a box with all of the packing so I could send my typewriter to him for repairs. Jim and his team have been great, not to mention their prices are reasonable. That’s why working with Typewriters.com these past four years has been so wonderful.”

A "Go To" Solution for Typewriter Repairs, Parts

With over 40 years of experience selling and repairing typewriters, topped with excellent customer service, it’s no wonder why Williamson keeps coming back to Typewriters.com:

“Jim takes the time to talk with me on the phone. He asks a couple of questions and lets me know what he thinks the issue is and lets me know if I need to send the typewriter in for service or if I need a new power pack or printwheel. He is always on top of things and responds to my emails very promptly.”

Is your IBM Wheelwriter giving you trouble? Jim Riegert will be happy to answer any typewriter repair-related questions that you may have. Just give him a call at (404) 377-1884, Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm EST.