Wakefield Premium Northern Flicker House

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Wakefield Premium Northern Flicker House with Wood Chips (Front View)
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  • Northern Flickers readily utilize birdhouses
  • Built to accommodate the Flicker's 12 inch body
  • Includes wood chips and a slate predator guard
  • Hand crafted in USA of eastern white pine
  • 17-3/4"h x 9-1/4"w x 11"d

The Northern Flicker woodpecker utilizes a birdhouse quite readily. This house is larger than the Three Woodpeckers House to accommodate the Flicker's 12-inch body. If your neighborhood Flicker is pecking a hole in a building, fill this birdhouse with wood chips and position it over the unwanted excavation to provide a more suitable nesting location. Comes complete with wood chips for excavating and a slate squirrel guard. Hand crafted in the USA by Coveside, of Eastern White Pine which provides insulation and durability. The wood will naturally age to a beautiful gray color over time, and does not require painting or staining. 

Habitat: Prefers open country with trees, parks and large gardens; especially in or at the edge of open woods.

Range: Resides throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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