Wakefield Premium Handmade Birdhouses Small Cedar Wren/Chickadee House

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  • SHELTER FROM THE ELEMENTS: Protection against different kinds of weather is key for bird survival. The 1.5 inch entrance hole is a welcoming sight for many birds. The design gives ample space for them to rest safe and sound from the dog days of summer, the freezing cold of winter, and everything in between.

  • BENEFITS YOUR YARD: Birds love eating insects and weeds! Introducing a birdhouse near your home may help you protect your yard from pesky pests.

  • MADE FROM CEDAR WOOD: Our Wakefield Premium Birdhouses are made from cedar, an especially strong, weather-resistant wood. Cedar possesses many advantages that make it perfect for outdoor use.

  • EASY MAINTENANCE: The bottom floor/perch of the birdhouse is a separate piece that slides out for easy seasonal cleaning. Its small, strong frame minimizes cleaning time as well.

  • PAIR WITH WAKEFIELD PEANUTS: Want to attract birds to your birdhouse? Try pairing this product with our Wakefield Virginia Peanuts! Shelled peanuts are a high-energy food that are a great source of protein and fatty acids for our flying friends.


From the brand

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Wakefield Peanut Company tradition of excellence 150 years animal shelters bird houses squirrel feed

Spreading Joy Through Nature & Wildlife

Our story

How we got our start?

Wakefield Peanut Company began more than 150 years ago when the first commercial peanut crop in the United States was grown a few miles west of our location. For over 40 years, our family-owned business in Wakefield, Virginia, has produced some of the finest peanuts and animal shelters available.

What makes our product unique?

All of our animal shelters are hand-crafted using sustainably-grown Eastern White Pine Wood. Eastern White Pine is an ideal material for our houses & feeders because it provides superior insulation during the summer and winter months while remaining light in weight and easy to hang.

Why we love what we do?

Our passion stems from our upbringing. We are farmers. We are builders. We are wildlife enthusiasts. And we enjoy the simpler things in life. We love animals and we spread happiness.

Product Description

Key Features

Our small Wakefield birdhouse outside on a tree up close

Removable perch for our Wakefield Small Cedar Birdhouse

Our small Wakefield birdhouse outside on a tree farther away

Made in the USA from Cedar Wood

Wakefield Premium birdhouses are handcrafted in the USA and made from cedar, an especially strong, weather-resistant wood that repels most bugs.

Cedar possesses many advantages that make it perfect for outdoor use.

Removable Perch

Our small birdhouse features a removable perch that slides out.

This allows for easy access inside for seasonal cleaning which will entice new feathered friends for years to come.

Secure and Easy Installation

This small cedar birdhouse features two predrilled holes. Just screw or nail it onto a tree, deck, or another favorite spot.

Make sure you read up on ways to attract the right kinds of birds as well as the proper height.

The birds in your yard will be thanking you in no time!


A wren that would be attracted to our Small Wakefield Birdhouse

How to Attract Birds to your Birdhouse

It's one thing to own a birdhouse, but attracting them is a different story. Here are some tips for attracting birds to your Wakefield birdhouse:

  • Picking a good nesting location is a must - Both bird types seek out the shade and protection of thick bushes or small trees when looking for a home. We recommend nailing or screwing our small cedar birdhouse 5 to 10 feet from the ground.

  • Face it away from harsh weather - Make sure the entrance hole faces away from prevailing winds that normally come from the east and west. The safer the home, the more likely a bird family will move in!

  • Layout the welcome mat - Make your birdhouse standout for possible residents. Attract them with a free buffet of their favorite foods such as peanut butter, suet, sunflower seed, or even our own Wakefield Virginia Peanuts!


Wakefield premium birdhouses are hand-crafted in the USA and made from cedar. Cedar is an ideal material for birdhouses because it is weather-resistant and durable, allowing for outside use all year long. The Wakefield Small Bird House provides protection from the cold for most common backyard birds including wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, and titmice. Its protective design prevents wet weather from seeping into the encasement. The house is made from light-colored cedar, providing insulation to keep baby birds cool in the summertime and reducing the risks of overheating in the nest. The bottom floor/perch slides out for easy cleaning after the birds have moved out for the season. For the good health of new birds that take residence, seasonal cleaning is recommended. This helps keeps any mother bird and her young healthy each season. This small birdhouse is enclosed on all sides for great protection against predators, heavy rain, and harsh snow. The front hole is 1.5 inches wide and features a perch for small birds to comfortably stand and clean their beaks. With pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the birdhouse, simply nail or screw it onto a tree or wooden structure. Make sure that the birdhouse itself is sitting above the nailed or screwed-in piece.

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