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Wakefield Premium Handmade Birdhouses Hanging Cottage House Bird Feeder

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  • PROTECTS FOOD FROM THE ELEMENTS: The protective roof helps shield the bird food from the elements - rain, snow, sun and moisture, keeping it fresh for longer and allowing for the birds to comfortably enjoy their meal throughout the day.
  • PROPER DRAINAGE: The metal tray is perforated, allowing for proper drainage in the rain and during storms.
  • MADE FROM CEDAR WOOD: Our Wakefield Premium Bird Feeders are made from cedar, an especially strong, weather-resistant wood. Cedar possesses many advantages that make it perfect for outdoor use.
  • EASY HANGING: While mounting hardware is NOT included, the feeder can be easily mounted, hung from a tree branch or left on the ground for the birds to enjoy (be careful of those pesky squirrels though!). The product measures 11.5"L x 6.75"W x 12"H. Each Wakefield Bird Feeder is constructed to last!
  • PAIR WITH WAKEFIELD PEANUTS: One of the best winter snacks for birds is our Wakefield Virginia Peanuts, which provide protein and essential fatty acids to help birds pack on weight for the winter months.

From the brand

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Spreading Joy Through Nature & Wildlife

Our story

How we got our start?
Wakefield Peanut Company began more than 150 years ago when the first commercial peanut crop in the United States was grown a few miles west of our location. For over 40 years, our family-owned business in Wakefield, Virginia, has produced some of the finest peanuts and animal shelters available.
What makes our product unique?
All of our animal shelters are hand-crafted using sustainably-grown Eastern White Pine Wood. Eastern White Pine is an ideal material for our houses & feeders because it provides superior insulation during the summer and winter months while remaining light in weight and easy to hang.
Why we love what we do?
Our passion stems from our upbringing. We are farmers. We are builders. We are wildlife enthusiasts. And we enjoy the simpler things in life. We love animals and we spread happiness.

Product Description

Key Features

Wakefield Premium Handmade Birdhouses Hanging Cottage House Bird Feeder inside

Wakefield Premium Handmade Birdhouses Hanging Cottage House Bird Feeder outside

Wakefield Premium Handmade Birdhouses Hanging Cottage House Bird Feeder hook for hanging

Long and Deep

The inside housing of the bird feeder provides ample room for birds to eat their meal in peace. This feeder is 2 inches deep, 5 inches wide, and 10 inches long. Bon appétit!

Homey and Inviting Design

Our Wakefield Premium Bird Feeder is designed for both decoration and utility. Not only will birds enjoy the amount of food that can be stored inside, but they will also feel right at home with this Cottage House design. They'll never want to leave!

Secure with Peace of Mind

Each hanging bird feeder features a hook that is screwed deeply into the wood. Simply use a rope or wire through the hook and hang it in your favorite spot on a branch, post, or nail.

Wakefield Virginia Peanuts can be found right here on Amazon

Quickly Attract New Birds with Wakefield Peanuts

Want to attract birds to your birdhouse? Pair this product with a bag of our Wakefield Virginia Peanuts!

Shelled peanuts are a high-energy food that are a great source of protein and fatty acids for our flying friends.

Place some peanuts around your Log Cabin Birdhouse to lay out the welcome mat! Soon, you'll find a feathered friend take residence inside.

Wakefield Premium Handmade Birdhouses Hanging Cottage House Bird Feeder outside

How to Attract Birds to a Birdfeeder


  • Birds won't come to feeders that they can't find. Make sure your bird feeder is hanging or placed in an open area where birds can easily see and fly to it. Keeping it away from corners and overhangs helps birds feel safe.
  • Spread your bird food around the area of the new bird feeder. Make the immediate area look interesting enough for birds to be intrigued and investigate.
  • Check on your feeder as often as possible. Birds can be picky and will not eat your feeder if they think it is unclean.
  • Lastly, patience is key. Birds may take some time to get familiar with the new feeder. Leave it alone for a few days and wait to see what happens.
Wakefield premium bird feeders are hand-crafted in the USA and made from cedar. Cedar is an ideal material for birdhouses because it is weather resistant and durable, allowing it to be hung up outside all year long. Keeping birdseed and food dry is very important for bird health. That's why The Wakefield Cottage House Bird Feeder features a protective sloped roof that prevents direct wet weather from seeping into the food supply. For further protection, its proliferated metal floor drains any water that tries to pool inside. This cottage bird feeder is open on all sides for easy access for refilling and cleaning. Not only does this design allow birds to fly in from any direction, but it also allows birdwatchers to easily spot fledglings, passerines, warblers, and other various birds visiting their new food source. Regular cleaning is recommended for your birdfeeder to keep your yard birds happy and healthy. The metal hook on the top of this feeder allows for easy hanging on any branch, pole, or post.

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