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Wakefield Premium Bird Houses Large Cottage Platform Bird Feeder, 10.5" x 18" x 13.25"

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Wakefield Cottage Platform Feeder Bird House

Wakefield premium bird feeders are hand-crafted in the USA and made of only the finest, sustainably-grown Eastern White Pine Wood. Eastern White Pine is an ideal material for bird feeders because it provides superior insulation during the summer and winter months while remaining light in weight and easy to hang. The Wakefield Cottage Feeder has two separate metal feeding trays so that multiple birds can use it at the same time. The protective roof shields the seeds from the weather and elements, and the metal tray is perforated, allowing for proper drainage in the rain and during storms. The cottage feeder is also designed to minimize work centered around installation and maintenance. The open design and metal tray makes it easily refillable and grants instant access for cleaning. While mounting hardware is NOT included, the feeder can be easily mounted, hung from a tree branch or left on the ground for the birds to enjoy (be careful of those pesky squirrels though!). The product measures 10.5"H x 18"W x 13.25"D. Each Wakefield Bird Feeder is constructed to last and includes a brochure that describes the species, placement and maintenance of the bird feeder. 


Wakefield feeder on picnic table in a park and filled with Wakefield peanuts to attract birds

Wakefield Platform Cottage Bird Feeder

Attract a wide variety of beautiful birds right to your backyard. Get your Wakefield Birdfeeder today!

Blue Jays are just one of the many types of birds that are attracted to this bird feeder.

Attracts Different Species of Birds


Many different types of birds will eat from this bird feeder, depending on the type of foods you provide. Popular species of birds include Blue Jays, Cardinals, Chickadees, Cowbird, Goldfinch, Grackle, Grosbeak, House Finch, House Sparrow, Hummingbirds, Junco, Mourning Dove, Nuthatch, Oriole, Song Sparrows, Starlings, Titmice (Titmouse), Woodpeckers, and more!

multiple birds can feed from the Wakefield Platform Feeder at the same time

Feeds Multiple Birds at Once


Each feeder is equipped with two separate metal feeding trays which allow multiple birds to share the feeder at the same time. This feature is key to attracting families, as well as different species of birds.

The roof protects the bird food from elements such as rain, snow, and moisture, preserving it longer

Protection From the Elements


The protective roof helps shield the bird food from the elements - rain, snow, sun and moisture, keeping it fresh for longer and allowing for the birds to comfortably enjoy their meal throughout the day.

The metal grate on the bottom of the feeder is perforated to provide drainage during storms

Provides Proper Drainage


The metal tray is perforated, allowing for proper drainage in the rain and during storms. This prevents water from puddling up in the bird feeder.

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