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2020 Mattress Cooler Classic - Chilled Mattress Topper Water Cooling System Ideal for Hot Sleepers and Night Sweats - 27"x63" Includes Replacement Pad

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Mattress Cooler Classic 

The Mattress Cooler Classic is a complete, all-in-one mattress cooling system designed to improve sleep quality.

  • Sleep cooler: By circulating water through the cooling pad (27 inches x 63 inches), body heat is removed from the sleep envelope and cold air is trapped under your blanket, insulating you in cool air and giving you the restful night’s sleep you deserve 
  • Reduce energy expenses: Instead of spending a ton of money on AC to cool your entire house, you can spend less than 1 cent per night by using a Mattress Cooler; it will drastically reduce your energy usage while providing an ideal sleep temperature 
  • Aids with recovery: Designed to reduce body temperature and encourage your body's natural healing processes; benefits people who are suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, menopause, back and body pains, muscle fatigue and many more sleep ailments 
  • Low noise level: Produces a comforting, low-volume hum that helps lull many people to sleep; on its maximum fan setting, it produces 40 decibels of sound, which is equivalent to a very quiet whisper you would hear in a library 
  • Great for any season or climate: Sleeping hot is an issue that many people suffer year-round; luckily, the Mattress Cooler is designed to work in any season or climate; Summer, Spring, Winter, Autumn, Fall, hot, cold, dry, wet, humid, mild, arid 

How it works:

The Mattress Cooler Classic works by chilling water and circulating it throughout the cooling mattress topper. This chilled water removes body heat trapped in the sleep envelope, cooling your body to your desired sleeping temp. Once the water has absorbed this body heat, it is returned to the drip tray, where it gently drips down into the evaporation membrane and is rechilled before being pumped back through the cooling pad again. 


The Mattress Cooler Classic was designed for easy setup. Setup can be done within 5-10 minutes.


  1. Unbox your cooling pad and lay it across your mattress. We recommend placing it under a fitted sheet and on top of a mattress protector. To cool one person, place the pad lengthwise from headboard to footboard. To cool two people, place it horizontally across the top-half of the mattress so it will rest below you neck to your waist areas.
  2. Connect the cooling pad water tubes to the water cooler, then plug in the water cooler. Slide the lid off the top of the water cooler, exposing the drip tray and filter box. When in operation, returning warm water from the pad flows back through the top of the cooler, through the filter box, and then trickles down over the green evaporation pad where it is chilled by the fan before draining to the water tank at the bottom. Slowly add about 2 quarts of water, being careful not to overtop the drip tray. The water will drip down over the evaporation pad or directly to the tank through the overflow drain on the side.
  3. Turn the cooler on by pressing the on/off button. This will start pumping water from the water tank to the cooling pad. You may need to add another quart of water at this stage. If you get an E1 error, the low water sensor has been tripped. Turn off the cooler, add more water, then power back on. 
  4. Your Mattress Cooler Classic is now ready to use! Enjoy your cooler, more restful night’s sleep.


This evaporative cooling system requires about 1 quart of water per night, depending on fan speed and relative humidity. This will need to be filled on a nightly basis.  

The system must be drained every two weeks to prevent dust accumulation in the water tank, which can foul the evaporation pad and lead to microbial growth. To drain the unit, pull out the small black rubber drain plug in the bottom right corner of the unit. This is best done in a tub or sink. You can add up to 1/8 tsp of laundry bleach to the water to reduce the risk of growth in the system. However, do not add more than that amount of bleach, it can damage the system overtime and shorten its lifespan. 

Pro Tips: 

Tip #1: Ideally, your water cooler should be placed on a surface slightly higher than the pad, such as on a nightstand. If your water cooler is placed lower than the cooling pad and you are having issues with the water overflowing, we recommend to first try running it with less water in the tank instead of topping it off every night. The internal tank is about 2.5 quarts, but most will only use a quart a night. The trick is to have enough water in the tank to make it through the night, while leaving enough room in the tank for the water in the pad to flow back without overtopping the internal tank. The second option is to just leave the unit on but change the fan cycle to D4 when you wake up. This will disable the fan instead of turning off the whole unit. This will minimize water and electricity usage while keeping the pump running, and preventing backflow from the pad to the tank. 

 Tip #2: Cooling pads are wear items and will generally need to be replaced every 4-6 months. Over time, weak spots can develop in areas that receive repetitive folding or rubbing. Under the pressure of the water pump, these weak spots can turn into micro leaks that create small weak spots in the pad. Your first replacement is included in the box, and additional pads are available on Amazon. 

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