Brother EM530 Typewriter (Reconditioned)

A compact but truly professional office typewriterdesigned to thrive on a busy workload. Offering many of the features found on heavier duty machines. Now writing good looking documents, correcting and printing are all quick and simple with the Brother EM-530, making it ideal for the general office.  Quality presentation is always important with the range of auto features ie. Underlining, Bold, Centering etc,all your documents can look their best.

Professional Touch Keyboard.  Type with confidence. This easy to use electronic keyboard is the most technologically advanced in its class. Its extensive typing capabilities plus automatic features, functions and conveniences will enable you to turn out your documents more quickly and accurately.

Letter Quality Daisy Wheel Printing.  Simplicity and reliability... it's now easier than ever to achieve professional quality printing.

Special Printing Effects.  By using underlining and bold typing, you can add emphasis to special words and phrases.

Total Correction System.  Automatic "Word-Out", "Line-Out" and Full Line Lift-Off Correction Memory allows you to remove a single character, word or complete line at the touch of a key.

Spell Checker.  Enjoy error-free typing. The built-in spelling verifier detects spelling and typing mistakes and beeps a warning.


· Automatic continuous and word-by-word underlining
· Caps Lock key for typing capital letters and numbers
· without touching the shift key.
· Automatic centering - 3 ways
· Decimal tabulation
· Expanded typing
· Right margin flush
· Super and subscript
· Line and paragraph indent
· Framing
· Automatic carriage return
· Automatic paper insertion
· Standard, international and symbol keyboard selections
· variable Hot Zone
· Auto repeat for all characters and functions
· 5 line format memories
· Backspace and express backspace
· Micro 1/120" backspacing
· Forward and reverse indexing
· Micro forward and reverse indexing
· Line start/end setting
· 30 tab positions
· Automatic tab set and clear key
· Self-demo automatically demonstrates all the features and functions
· Paper supporter
· Multi-lingual keyboard selector

Linguistic Features

Built-in 90,000 word spelling verifier lets you enjoy error-free typing by detecting spelling and typing mistakes and beeping a warning. The user dictionary permits the storage of specialized words.

Correction Features

· Full line lift-off correction memory
· Automatic "Word-Out" and "Line-Out" correction system for erasing a single word or complete line
· Automatic relocation after correction


· Up to 20cps Print Speed
· 394mm (15.5") Paper Capacity
· 304.8mm (12") Typing Capacity
· 10, 12, 15, PS Typing Pitches
· 1, 1.5, 2 Line Spacing
· Original + 4 Copy Capacity
· Keyboard with 96 Character Capability
· Unit Dimensions : 500 mm (19.7") X 150mm (5.9") X 428mm(16.9")
· Unit Weight : 10 kg


· Daisy Wheels
· Black Correctable File Ribbons
· Black Nylon Ribbons
· Black Multi-strike Ribbons
· One Time Ribbons
· Coloured Correctable Ribbons
· Lift-off Tape
· Cover-up tape
· Dust Cover